5 Best Ways to Presenting Your Home For Sale

These days, selling a home quickly can be a lot harder than years past, but it is possible if your home is staged and presented ready for a quick sale. Knowing how is the key!

This article will outline the five best steps for presenting your home for sale to potential buyers.

You have invested considerable time, money and energy into your home and now it is time to put it on the market to get the best return possible.

Undoubtedly, you’ve been through the home selling process before, so you may think you have all bases covered with your own experiences. But with some much competition on the marketplace and increasing consumer demands nowadays, your house needs to be special to have a chance of a fast sale. Having your home make a favorable impression on potential buyers is critical to that success.

In this article, we will outline proven ideas that will minimise possible delays on a sale or deals falling through by presenting your property to its full potential.

You want to get your home sold so you can move forward with your life, and leave your house behind in the hands of happy new owners.

It’s common knowledge that selling a home is a difficult and testing process. When you begin following the steps outlined below however, your home will get the attention and viewings you desire.

There are millions of homes for sale around the world and catching the interest of property investors and home buyers is what successful staging must do.

So before you get carried away and call the local house removals company in advance of your home being sold, follow the 5 steps detailed below and get those offers coming in and close the deal first.

1. CleanUp Defects & Finishing

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Most homeowners will never truly notice the smaller defects in their home but potential buyers will.

This includes dealing with any small problems like mold on ceilings, decaying timbers, marked or cracked paintwork and plaster, or small stains on carpets.

Many people while living in their home usually overlook or do not notice these imperfections because they become blind to them. This is a normal and natural thing to do and we all do it over the course of time.

For potential home buyers, they will notice these small irregularities and problems immediately the second they walk through your front door.

When selling your home, potential buyers will notice these flaws. It could easily affect their desire or interest in the property being sold as it will feel unloved. They will imagine having to take care of these issues when they move in which is not a nice thought.

The longer people have lived in their homes, the more they ignore the small things, and imperfections. Wallpaper and other seemingly small insignificant details and defects must be dealt with immediately and must be rectified.

You may have to do some remedial repairs or pay to have home renovations to fix small problems. Ultimately it may cost a little extra money to fix these issues, but you’ll get that money back when you receive offers on or above market value.

2. Take Beautiful Photos of Your Home

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With the inception of the internet, photos have become the number one key selling point when marketing a home for sale online.

People will ‘virtually’ visit and view your home online before they ever step inside, so catching their interest and desire is the first major step of the home selling process you must grasp.

You need to take plenty of professional grade photos to a very high standard to make the best first impression. Potential buyers want to see everything your home has to offer before visiting so you need to stand out and make it look ideal. Only a professional photographer can produce and compose the best images.

There are thousands of other homes for sale on the internet, so the photos must persuade your digital visitors into visiting your home in person.

Photographs are essential to making this happen, so you must have professional photos that cover every angle of your home while making it look its absolute best and brightest.

3. Include a Floor Plan

Image source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2014/05/26/07/53/building-plan-354233_960_720.jpg

One major aspect to advertising your home online is to showcase a complete floor plan of your home. Potential buyers will want to understand how your home’s space is used and if they can see themselves living in it too.

Photographs can help potential purchasers have a fairly good idea of what your home is like aesthetically, but having a floorplan show buyers a true depiction of the layout and space available.

Knowing where rooms are located and accesses to and from each room can give potential buyers a clear idea of what your house is like to live in, and what they may be able to do with space.

They may have plans to renovate the home or maybe trying to see whether your home is suitable for their needs.

4. Declutter

Image source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2019/11/03/14/02/office-4598772_960_720.jpg

Having a house that is overflowing with furniture and possessions can be overwhelming for potential home buyers.

Rooms that are overcrowded and cluttered will feel smaller and claustrophobic.

It’s a good idea to declutter and store your excess items or furniture in a storage unit, or somewhere off-site. This will give your home a sense of greater space and will make the home more open and comfortable.

Open plan living that is roomy and airy is very appealing to modern day buyers. Nowadays, buyers appreciate having a clutter-free environment, so try to depict that type of lifestyle when you stage your home.

5. The Right Ambiance

Image source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2018/07/27/00/32/apartment-3564955_960_720.jpg

Having the correct ambiance for a potential home buyer is very important.

Decluttering your home is one thing, but you’ll also want to have lots of natural light flooding the rooms, pleasant smells and an inviting climate that will give your home a favorable impression.

If it is cold outside, be sure to have a warm home, or fresh coffee brewing to greet guests. If it is cold and dark outside, have your home well lit, and feeling comfortable.

Making prospective buyers feel comfortable in their potential new home is important and can lead to selling your home at a faster rate than not doing this at all.


Selling a home in the modern era is a time-consuming and demanding process. Following the five strategies as explained above will help you sell your home faster and make it appeal to a wider audience.

Creating desire and interest in a potential buyer is of the utmost importance when it comes to selling real estate. Follow the suggestions and have a greater opportunity to sell your home and reap the rewards of your long term investment quicker.

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