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7 Must-have Outdoor Vuly Accessories to Make Quarantine More Fun with Your Kids

Are your kids officially bored and tired of being stuck at home all day? Are you still wary about letting your little ones out of the house for a quick stroll in the park? Are you running out of creative ideas for how you can make staying at home more fun and enjoyable for your children?

If your response is a big yes to any or all of the questions above, then you will surely benefit from reading this blog. Check out some of the best Vuly toys and accessories that you can install on your back or front yard to create a fun and exciting quarantine time with your kids:


Vuly Accessories

Everybody loves trampolines—especially kids! Trampolines are a fun way to bond and have fun without having to spend extra money. The simple act of jumping around with your family and being silly is an effective mood booster and stress reliever. Vuly’s trampolines are safe and made of high-quality materials. It also comes with a sturdy mesh barrier or tent, thereby ensuring that your kids are safe and secure while using the trampoline.

Basketball Set

Play sports and promote exercising with your children and your family. The basketball sets from vuly come with a pre-assembled hoop. You also get a pump and a free ball. This means you get to install your very own mini basketball ring right outside of your house. Otherwise, you can also install it inside your home if you have ample space—an option that you can do if you want your kids to stay safe within the comforts of your humble abode.


Vuly’s tents are available in three different sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra Large. This option is ideal if you want to go stargazing at night, or if your kids feel like going on a quick and improvised camping trip. You can also use the tent to create a separate space where your kids can read their books or play while you are busy with work or household responsibilities.

Family Quest Monkey Bars

For parents who want a little more adventure, monkey bars are a great way to help your children exercise their muscles and bones. It is also large enough to accommodate both parents and kids. The Family Quest Monkey Bars also comes with a free scout wagon and a shade cover.

Small Sandpit

Enable sensory play for your toddlers with an indoor sandpit. Since travelling or going to the beach is still out of the question now that the pandemic is not yet over, the sandpit is a great way to bring the beach to your home. All you need is an inflatable pool, a large umbrella, and some cool refreshments to go with your sandpit and your children will surely enjoy the makeshift beach outside of your house.

Rover Wagon Cart

Don’t have a toy car large enough for your children to ride on? Perhaps the Rover Wagon Cart will help do the trick. It is durable and very easy to set up. The best part is you can keep this long enough until such time that taking your kids outdoors to travel is safe enough.

Nest Swing

Swings are instantly a source of enjoyment and excitement for children of all ages. Vuly offers different types of swings, but the nest swing is large enough to accommodate two people and even older kids and adults.

Being stuck in quarantine doesn’t always have to be a bore—especially if you have extra cash to spend and a bunch of little angels that you need to entertain amid the ongoing health crisis.

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