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Japan has been the origin of some of the most loved things; one of those is Anime. Anime is a computer animation or, more so, a hand drawing put into a movie-like thing to portray a story. If we put this in simple, Anime is a name given to all the items and products prepared in the Japan Animation Industry. The Anime audience has grown manifold because the internet has made Anime much easier for people worldwide. Earlier, Anime was only premiered on Japanese screens, and some primetime shows would run it in parts, but now the anime industry has a great following and is now popular among the youth all over. 

The advent of internet platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime has played a crucial role in widening the Anime audience. It is also available on other websites but is paid for by the viewers and is most costly for the people; therefore, they look for free anime streaming. The free Anime streaming websites are innumerably present on the internet, but only a few are genuine, like 9anime. Many sites make money by running ads and capturing user data but play spam anime series. This article will discuss details of 9anime, its working and the alternatives available. 


Details about 9anime

9anime is a website that streams popular Anime from Japan to users around the world. You can find the Anime dubbed and subbed in English in all genres, be it action, romance, supernatural, etc. 9anime is one website that is widely used and is loved by people; most of the viewers stream their favorite Anime shows on 9anime. To understand 9anime working, we can say that 9anime is a piracy website for anime series and shows.

It hosts anime shows that are copyrighted and run on premium TV networks and online platforms. The quality and quantity of the series are appreciable much as it ranges content that is running currently to old series but is dubbed in English along with subtitles. The website features various resolutions and sizes, which help the viewers prioritize their content based on the internet quality and speed. It is worthy to note that the series on 9anime is separated into categories to choose their preferred without any hassle. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions around 9anime.

Some people love watching Anime but refrain from using 9anime to watch their favorite anime shows because of the ugly experiences on other spam sites. Here we will answer the few mostly asked questions about 9anime to mitigate your queries. 

9anime claims to host piracy-free content. Is it true? 

9anime is not legal when streaming the anime shows as they do not possess any license for the same; however, it does not involve piracy streaming.9anime.gg says that they store the file off-site then is provided to stream on the interface by a third party. The storing of files makes them host the content that is not pirate but is genuinely played using a third-party system to avoid getting into piracy. 

Many countries have very strict laws regarding piracy and streaming of any pirated content because it is illegal to stream any pirated show, let alone Anime. Therefore, 9anime.gg or any such sites stream their content in countries with comparatively lesser stricter laws. 

Is it legal to watch Anime online? 

Watching Anime is not illegal; however, the platform you choose to watch the shows may have some legal issues if they are not licensed. For example, Crunchyroll and Funimation are a few websites with licenses to stream anime shows on their interface. They pay huge amounts to the producers and studios that make Anime stream their shows. 

Licensed sites have subscription offers for their users but also stream some shows for free. However, to have access to a wider quantity of anime shows, it would be better to buy subscriptions. The non-licensed sites may stream pirated content, hence, and have their legality in question. 

How safe is 9anime for users?

9anime is marked safe for customer use; however, the customers have complained of ads and identifying the real 9anime. Googling 9annime shows more than 15 9anime sites that are fake and spam. The spam sites make money by running ads and selling user data. However, 9anime claims that the ads are run free, but in fact, even 9anime does not have any control over the ads. We suggest the viewers use a good ad-blocker and antivirus to save their system from malware while the Anime is streamed to be on the safer end. 9anime, on the whole, is a very good site compared to other sites to watch good quality anime shows. 

Alternative websites to 9anime

Several websites are accessible on the internet to stream anime shows but are mostly run by anonymous owners; therefore, their safety always remains in question. There are many risks involved when visiting the free sites; however, with good antivirus and ad-blocker, the risk lessens. Here is a list of sites to use as an alternative to Anime to watch good quality anime snows:



The availability of current and old anime shows on the interface gained it a lot of popularity. kissAnime is amongst the best free streaming websites for anime shows. The content available on the site is huge in quantity and good in quality. 



AnimePlanet brings to its user a collection of more than 49000 titles by collaborating with platforms like Hulu and Crunchyroll. The digital streaming platforms collaborated by paying them money but stream the shows for free to its users. The users become a huge loyal fan community and experience seamless viewing. 


GoGo Anime 

It provides easy navigation to the users and displays a huge collection of shows, both current and old. The viewing experience on the site is remarkable as the platform interface is sleek and promising. 



In addition to computer animation, chia-anime also has a large collection of manga comics. The site has an ad running, but in comparison to other anime streaming sites, the number of ads running is lesser, making it user-friendly and ranks among the best sites for users who love manga and Anime. 


Crunchyroll is a paid site as it uses a subscription system and has a legal license to stream anime series on its interface. If the user does not want to buy a subscription, he may run through ads to watch his preferred show. The new episodes are uploaded simultaneously when they air in Japan. It would be worthy to note that it is one of the oldest sites for Anime streaming globally. 


The most popular anime streaming site in the world is, and also it is legal because it possesses a license to stream anime series around the globe. It is popular for streaming and releasing anime TV shows that are dubbed in English also with subtitles. 

These are a few sites that you may use to watch Anime, and apart from these, you may find the shows on other paid OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other digital platforms. 

Proxy sites of 9anime

Several countries have strict copyright rules meaning there is strict punishment for streaming any pirated content. In such countries, 9anime type websites are considered illegal and are taken down on the complaints of the anime producers. Therefore, the owners of the site come up with new domain names to make a new mirror or proxy sites such as:

  • 9anime.to
  • 9anime.tv
  • 9anime.zone
  • 9anime.city
  • 9anime.gg
  • 9anime.live

These are the proxy sites for 9anime run on the internet if any of the other domains are put down on complaints by the anime producers. 

Final Words

Free anime streaming websites come with their risk for your system, but still, you can have a great viewer experience by using a good quality antivirus. 9anime is a great free Anime streaming website, but its legality is still questionable. Many customers use 9anime for watching their free anime shows with good resolution and size features that they can prioritize. VPN service proves to be a great help to secure your data. It is suggested to use a website that is paid to ensure user security. 

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