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How Pagers Can Help Keep Track Of Your Staff

Are you wondering how paging systems can help keep track of your staff? With so many numbers to sort through and information to interpret, keeping track of all the people who work for you can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you can use technology to make the job easier. Today’s handheld GPS devices can help employees staying up to date on their hours, and even log lunch breaks as well as holidays.

When you are looking for new ways to keep track of your staff, you need to take a few steps to make sure you are getting the most from your current system. One of those steps is to ensure your pagers are correctly labeled. Labeling them is not only functional, but it can also be an indicator of the effectiveness of your messaging. Letting people know what they are supposed to be doing with your business can be an effective management tool, especially when you consider how pagers can impact your bottom line.

Business pagers can be a highly effective management tool

Let’s take a look at how pagers can benefit your business. When your staff uses a pager to contact you for updates on their hours or breaks, you know they are working. This makes it easier to manage since there will only be emergency calls made when staff aren’t able to reach you immediately. It also allows you to manage your staff better because it gives you the opportunity to quickly see how your staff’s skills are improving. With this information, you can design training sessions or assessments that are designed to keep your staff performing at their best levels.

But how a paging system can help keep track of your staff is only the beginning of the benefits. When employees use them to update you on hours and breaks, they become more efficient. With this efficiency comes reduced absences from work. If your staff works eight hours, and two of those are unpaid, you are losing several hours of production every week. In today’s economy, any reduction in output is negative, so increasing production by having fewer absences means less work for your employees, which means higher pay.

Can help track staff to ensure they are working efficiently and smartly

The other way pagers can benefit your company is with their flexibility. As mentioned earlier, pagers can be used for breaks between shifts, and overtime, which is typically not offered as benefits when working alone in a store. Another benefit offered is time tracking. If your staff has a certain number of hours they have worked in a day or week, you can set up a time tracking system so that you can see exactly where they are at that moment. Instead of spending time counting vacation time, or working to beat the clock, employees can see exactly how many hours they have logged in and how many hours they have yet to log in.

The ability to keep track of how many hours your staff is working is especially helpful if you do not have the luxury of paying each employee individually. How pagers can help keep track of your staff has a lot to do with the management style that your staff works in.

If your staff is very organized and tends to type their work in lowercase letters, using a PDA or smartphone to log their hours may be too much for them to handle. If your staff works in a different fashion, such as by emailing their work in, you need to be able to read their email and know exactly what they are doing at that moment. This can be accomplished by attaching a time tracking device to their PDA.

Pagers can help keep track of your staff is through the introduction of timecards

Another way how pagers can help keep track of your staff is through the introduction of timecards. Timecards can be placed throughout the office on specific days so that every employee knows what their exact scheduled duty is and when they need to be there. Since everyone is used to carrying a time card with them everywhere they go, it is easy for them to just grab one and show it to the person who works for them when they get there.

The problem with this, however, is that everyone knows what their scheduled duty is, even though everyone is not on the same schedule. By placing timecards throughout the office on specific days, everyone will be on the same schedule, which makes it more likely that people will show up on time. How pagers can help keep track of your staff is by letting your staff know their exact duty so that they will be aware when they need to be there and will not be tempted to just leave work early.

Pagers are fantastic devices that can help keep track of your staff while at the same time pagers can help keep track of your staff is through the introduction of timecards. Timecards If you have employees who do not always stay on time, it can greatly impact the productivity of your company. You will have to rely on your employees’ punctuality in order for you to run a smooth operation, and this means that you may not always be able to keep up with them. With how pagers can help keep track of your staff, you will not have to worry about your workers’ tardiness anymore.

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