If things go viral on the Internet, then its only credit goes to Social media, especially, Instagram. The trending position on the internet is acquired alternatively either with different social media challenges or with funny and entertaining videos posted by the crazy folks of the world.

But today we are here to talk about the trending stuff in the fashion industry. The glamour industry observed many trends this year from the Denim pants to the big mood socks worn across the Western Hemisphere. The folks today are mad for fashion and sometimes this madness is created by the top brands of the world who initiate something which later on becomes the ‘#trend’ or what we call is “what’s in this season!”

 Recently world-renowned brand Levi’s observed a tremendous boost in its sale and the credit goes to the simple t-Shirt with the brand name on it. But this is not in anymore.

Want to know what is it?

Then don’t waste a second and cling on to Instagram and click on the page “Hot 4 The Spot”. With more than 5000 followers the page features more than hundreds of polka dot dresses which have been set up by stylist Faye Oakenfull.

Yes, the polka dot dress by Zara is what is #in these days. With a price tag of 39 pounds and 99 pence, or $50 the long black and white dotted dress has become so omnipresent in Britain that now it is simply referred to as “The Dress.”

The Instagram page was initially set up by the stylist to invite the pictures of dress sightings on the subway, on sidewalk crossings, at supermarkets, and in the church (among other places) across Britain. But not just Britain the entries started to pour in from around the globe.

“‘The Dress’ and I originally met on a setback in Easter when both the art director and makeup artist came in wearing it. I posted it on my Instagram story as an ‘awkward fashion moment,’” Oakenfull said this week, adding that she doesn’t own the dress herself.

 “It then started to escalate, with many people sending me their own sightings. After a few weeks, it seemed to be so popular on my stories that I decided to start a new account to keep on top of the content.”

The fashion news and features director of Grazia Magazine Laura Antonia Jordan said, “it is the high numbers of real women — rather than celebrities, royals, or influencers — who love the spotty dress that has given this particular phenomenon added cultural credence.”

That dress is democratic fashion in action,” she said. “Not everyone wants yet more florals or to strip off for the summer, and that light and floaty dress — with its loose sleeves, nipped waist, and ankle-length ruffled hem — will suit most women. The fact that it is versatile, affordable, and readily available given there is a Zara store near most people in Britain, has fueled the fad.”

 “Viral fashion is sometimes less to do with the style or aesthetic and more to do with the catalyst or instigator,” said Sarah Owen, a senior editor at the trend forecasting company WGSN.

So these expert quotes say it all that the trends don’t always require endorsement by celebrities rather sometimes they get instigated with even the simplest fashion hack done by a commoner.

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