5 Harmful Effects Of Blocked Drainage To Your Home And Health

A clogged or blocked drain is a common occurrence in a household, but it is not often viewed as a major plumbing issue. Homeowners usually neglect the early signs of clogged drains, like slowly draining sinks, thinking that they will get better on their own. This allows the problem to escalate and become a full-blown plumbing emergency.

Ignoring the cleaning needs of your house drains can put you and your family at risk. Here is a glance at some of the harmful effects of clogged drains to your home and health:

Water contamination

One of the leading causes of dirty or contaminated water in a household is a blockage in drains or pipes. It prevents water from flowing, causing a backup. Water that flows back into your home brings with it bacteria and viruses that cause allergies and diseases. To be able to release dirty water that is trapped in your pipes, you should call a plumber to remove the blockage and perform efficient drain cleaning.

Structural damage

When wastewater is not able to flow away from your home, it can seep into the foundations, weakening the structure. Over time, it can cause the structure to collapse, leaving you with no other option but to rebuild your home. According to HomeAdvisor, it will cost you an average of $3,117 to repair or restore water damage — with a range from $1,183 and $5,051.

Drainage around a foundation is important. So important in fact, that foundation drainage mistakes can even threaten its structural integrity. If runoff from rain and snow isn’t channeled far enough away from your home, it could saturate the soil and destabilize the foundation. 

Sinking foundation can cause serious structural damages if it’s not taken care of immediately. Signs like wall rotation, sticking doors, cracked walls, sloping floor, crawl space mold, or cracked corners of windows are the signs of major foundation problems. Contact a skilled foundation repair contractor as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs.

Pest infestation

The longer you let the clog in your drains sit, the higher the chance that pests and insects will get attracted to your home. Rodents, bugs, and mosquitoes will go where there is water. Having stagnant water in your bathroom or kitchen is the best way to attract pests and insects into your home. Pests and insects can also make their way into your home through leak holes in your pipes which can make you for home renovation. Leaks can happen when the water inside the pipes has nowhere to go.

Mold growth

Aside from attracting insects, leaks caused by blocked pipes can also lead to mold growth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says exposure to molds can lead to symptoms such as wheezing, stuffy nose, and red or itchy eyes or skin. If you have family members who have allergies to molds or with asthma, exposure may cause severe reactions, which include fever or shortness of breath.

Foul odors

A clogged drain can cause a sewer backup, which can leak sewer gas into your home. Aside from creating an uncomfortable situation inside your home, exposure to sewer gas can also cause health problems. According to Healthline, you may experience various symptoms of exposure, such as fatigue, headaches, nausea or vomiting, etc.

Invest in professional drain cleaning services

Do you experience any of these house problems caused by a clogged drain? If yes, you should invest in drain cleaning services offered by professionals. Fixing a clogged drain during its early stage will help you avoid expensive plumbing repairs and replacements. Waste no time and hire a plumbing pro today!

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