LED Light Therapy Facts

5 Surprising LED Light Therapy Facts You Didn’t Know

Is light therapy a gimmick or a revolutionary innovation that is shifting the priority from invasive skin care procedures to non-invasive methods?

But did you know that light therapy isn’t all about its ability to boost the mitochondria to perform the basic cell tasks, just on a bigger scale, as the cells would have more energy?

Light therapy comes in many various wavelengths, emitting many different colors, and with many different applications. We will be discussing a few here so you know the wider range of options that are available at your disposal.

1. Heal your pet’s wounds using Red Light Therapy

Red Light therapy can really aid in your pet’s recovery from wounds. The mechanism of how it works is essentially the same as how it helps us humans heal. No difference.

Veterinarians have been using low level led light therapy to aid precious fur-friends to cope with pain and injury for a while now.

It’s been concluded that the low frequency and the intensity of the photon particles involved in the process makes it just as effective as laser treatment, if not better.

Another thing to consider is that a laser is significantly more expensive.

2. Correlation between red light therapy and cellulite

Red light takes this one yet again. To be fair, it is the most sought out at the moment for its numerous applications.

So what red light does is penetrate the skin deep within and significantly reduces the subcutaneous fat, because of its low wavelength, and by a reduction of 71%.

When coupled with vibrating massage, the end result is one of the best attainable out of all the existing methods like laser, exercise, and most cellulite treatments out there.

3. Bright white light contributes to greater testosterone production

If you’re worried about a lack of sex drive or even fear having Erectle Dysfucntion, then you should really try white light therapy.

Firstly the white light will aid in managing Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD), which is a direct contributor of lowered sex drive.

Moreover, red light has been shown to promote the production of Leydig cells, which are involved in the production of testosterone.

4. Blue LED lights can help preserve food to stay fresh for longer

According to National University of Singapore scientists, blue light emitting diodes come with antibacterial effects on pathogens. They work by breaking down bacterial cells in food.

So this can be a chemical-free approach to food preservatives.

Bonus: Did you know blue light therapy can affect your mood and actions?

5. Green Light Therapy

I would not be surprised if you didn’t hear of this one before. Green light therapy will help you with migraine and interestingly enough it’s an exception for this very reason, because other lights almost always can and will trigger migraine.

It is often assumed that green light is so gentle on the brian because it sends a much smaller, and less disruptive signal that is thought to trigger the migraine in the first place. Know more about green light therapy here.

In an experiment with rats, it was noticed that green light caused the least amount of discomfort when exposed to it, compared to the exposure of other lights on the rodents.

Green light could be the future of pain relievers and it runs on a wavelength of 490-565 nm.

Bonus Facts For Sticking Till The End

  • LEDs can mimic real daylight.
  • LEDs can help plants to grow quicker and better, and even in space.
  • LED light therapy doesn’t cause burns while other anti-aging treatments do.
  • Cyan colored LEDs are a great remedy to soothe your skin and operate on 500-520nm.
  • Yellow LED can help alleviate the redness and inflammation that you may get from sunburn.
  • Infrared and near infrared lights come with similar effects to red light therapy but penetrate deeper into the skin. Wavelength: (750nm-1000nm).

Bottom Line

Different colored LED’s different effects on the skin is definitely a game changer, so keep an eye out for any new innovations that may come your way.

On meanwhile, why not give these different light therapy a try, depending on which may tend to your need more. It really is the next big thing.

All the celebs are using it, dermatologists use it and now they are being made portable and being sold at a very affordable price. So rest assured that you will definitely get the bang for your buck.

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