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5 Types of Physical Therapy

Sydney is one of the largest cities located in Australia. It has the capital of New South Wales and is proud to be known for its Sydney Opera House. Sydney has the highest population count in Oceania, and knowing that the city keeps on growing, many people might also need physical therapy at some point in their lives. 

Physical therapy or physiotherapy, is an aid given to an individual with injury, pain, or mobility problems. An individual dual who went on physiotherapy can gain immediate relief from pains or injuries. physiotherapy sydney introduces the way of giving someone relief through physical massage instead of traditional medicines. Physiotherapists are trained to give injured patients the right therapy they need, and not all physical therapies are the same.

What are the various types of physical therapy?

Paediatric Physical Therapy

Based on its name, paediatric physiotherapy is the service given to children or infants. Among the different types of therapies, it is often the unnoticed one. This therapy is done to help the growth and development of children both physically and mentally.

Letting your children experience paediatric physiotherapy can give them advantages such as improved fine and motor skills, normalized movement, developed endurance, balance, strength, injury, head, pain trauma recovery, etc. 

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric physiotherapy is needed as you get older. It is because your metabolism gradually slows down, which may cause other problems or complications. To immediately prevent future complications, geriatric physiotherapy can help you use your muscles efficiently to work and perform better without being prone to injuries. 

Geriatric physiotherapy can benefit you in restoring strength, endurance, and mobility, reducing chronic pain, improving health and posture, and working without limitations.

Neurological Physical Therapy

From stroke to head injuries to chronic ones like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, neurological physical therapy can help you cope and deal with these types of disorders. This type of therapy can give you regain mobility, rebuild neural ways, improve balance and hand-eye coordination, and tissue treatment. 

Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapy

For individuals who have heart or chest disorders, cardiorespiratory physiotherapy is the right service. It helps to rehabilitate individuals who suffer from pulmonary disorders or cardiac arrest. 

This therapy can help you in breathing exercises, managing cough and shortness of breathing, positioning to expand your lungs and rehabilitation for cardiac conditions. 

Sports Physical Therapy

This therapy is ideal for sports enthusiasts and athletes who are prone to injuries. Sports therapists know about diagnosing sports individuals who are experiencing muscle tensions, sprains and other injuries. It is an essential partnership between the athlete and therapists where they will discuss various healing techniques, movement assistance and prevention of future injuries. 

Why should you try physiotherapy over medicines? 

Like many people, as you get older, you definitely want to live a quality life as possible as you can. Sometimes, taking medicines can overdose on you, which is more dangerous to your health. Likewise, medicines are made with various chemical compounds that you are not familiar with and unsure of their side effects. Instead of risking your health and fitness, physical therapy can be your new aid to various health conditions.

Believing in physiotherapy sydney is not totally discarding the use of medicines. Instead, you are trying to find an additional method, which is a safe and worthwhile experience. 

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