8 Home Improvement Tips For Renters

Home rental can be an excellent way to live. It is a lot more flexible than ownership and also more financially predictable. However, you may think that you are unable to make much home improvement if you don’t own your home. While you probably shouldn’t be breaking out the survey equipment for a landscaping project, you can make a lot of very likely changes to your rented home. Below are some tips.

1) Paint The Walls

You may be surprised to learn that you can paint your apartment in many cases. Chances are you will need to get your landlord’s approval, but you don’t always have to stick with the boring walls you started with. You can expect neutral colors to go over best with landlords.

Speak with your landlord then head to the store for some samples. It is always a good idea to look at color in the space, rather than relying on your impression in the store. Lighting can make a dramatic difference in what a color looks like.

When you are ready, get some supplies and get ready to paint. Make sure to move furniture away from your painting area and to adequately protect the floor from drips.

2) Add Some Window Dressings

Window dressings are another way to change the look of your apartment significantly. Your home may already have some primary dressings, such as blinds. However, most landlords and management companies pick relatively generic options.

So, change things up with some curtains or blinds of your own. Just keep in mind that the existing shades belong to the apartment owner. So, you should hold onto them and put them back in place when you are moving out.

And if living in suburbs where time is scarce, you might want to assist yourself with removalist Miami to help you spruce up space, especially when renting and shifting to a new dwelling

3) Change Some Hardware

For another simple change that won’t require survey equipment and power tools, change some of the hardware on your cabinets, doors, and fixtures. Much like window dressings, these are often fairly basic when you first move into space. An update usually only requires the new hardware and a screwdriver. So, you can likely take on this home improvement project even if you are a novice.

Again, the existing hardware belongs to the apartment owner. So, hold onto them for later. Unless, of course, you get permission to do away with the old.

4) Add Storage

Storage is one of the most essential resources in any home. It is especially crucial if you live in an apartment with limited space.

Creative solutions can go a long way to helping you keep your home neat and tidy. Additionally, innovative options such as a storage ottoman can add a chic look to your home.

For your closets, take a look at some organization systems. There are plenty of temporary options you can use. Alternatively, with permission from the owner of your home, you can even install a built-in organization system.

5) Get Organized

In a similar vein, organize your home. This is perhaps the most essential home improvement tip anyone can learn. Tidying up your space can go a long way from turning an ordinary area into a warm and welcoming home. You may be surprised how beautiful a room can look when it is organized.

Keep in mind that merely tidying and cleaning are not enough. Instead, you need to invest time into organizing your possessions. Everything should have a place where it belongs. Using this system, you can keep your home organized for years to come. If you want to transform a space, start by holding it.

6) Take Advantage of Your Furniture

You may not be able to knock down and put up walls in your rental home to change the layout. However, chances are you can use furniture to accomplish the same. Larger furniture items can help create separation and a more definite sense of flow in an open area.

For example, you could use a large bookshelf as a temporary wall, sectioning off a seating area. Many people use their couches and sofas for similar reasons. Even items as simple as area rugs can help to define an area of your home more effectively.

7) Secure Your Home

Feeling safe in your home is essential. In many ways, it is essential to a house or apartment feeling like a home. So, security is a worthwhile home improvement project.

There are numerous alarm systems on the market, many of which you can install yourself. A lot of modern ones are even wireless, so you can install them without any need for altering the space. Put them up and take them down when you move out.

Changing or adding locks can also be a good idea. Of course, this is something you will have to do in tandem with the owner. Nonetheless, many landlords are open to letting tenants install a deadbolt if they want to.

8) Hang Up Some Decorations

Finally, put up some wall decorations. This is another highly effective way to transform a space. In fact, homes without wall decorations often look very bare.

These don’t necessarily need to be expensive. You can find plenty of affordable prints of artwork, for example. Additionally, you can hang some decorative items, such as a wall clock.

Many people like to put up photos of themselves and their loved ones. Try arranging some favorite photographs in a collage of frames. This is an excellent way to add some extra texture to your walls while also making them a little more personal.

Get Started Today

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, doing some home improvement projects can help transform your space into a real home for you and your family. Of course, you’ll need the right tools to get the job done.

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