A Business Owner’s Guide to Fit Out Construction

Maximizing space and upgrading facilities are proven ways to surge your business forward. But if you want to reap the rewards of any fit out construction, such as improved collaboration, creativity, and productivity, let the experts do the job. And this means hiring an expert commercial fit out company.

Read further to understand how a fit out company in Dubai can take your business to the next level.

What does fit out mean?

Some people equate fit out with renovation, but each fit out project has a specific purpose and procedure.

Fit out is the process of modifying an interior space to make it move-in-ready. It involves activities like the installation of partitions, floors, and furnishings. It may even include building services like wiring, communication arrangements, cabling, and internet connectivity.

On the contrary, renovation is more about improving the aesthetics of the space by either adding better furniture, painting or integrating décor items.

Here are the three main categories of fit outs:

  • Shell and core – This type of fit out construction allows businesses to custom fit the space to their specifications. The building’s framework is in place, but it still needs some components like interior walls, heating, lighting, and power.
  • Category A – This type of fit out construction is done in commercial spaces that are already functional but need secondary features of the design. The space has basic utilities like plumbing fixtures and electrical wiring, so it may only require setting up features like HVAC systems, raised access floors, electrical outlets, grid ceilings, and fire protection systems.
  • Category B – This fit-out project entails installing the systems and features lacking in Category A. It is otherwise known as the aesthetic design phase wherein the space is made more specific to the goals, work ethics, culture, and protocols of the business. This is where you can integrate your business style and creativity to develop a clear brand image.

What are the factors to consider?

Fitting out spaces for commercial purposes requires meticulous planning and preparation. Here are the five important factors to ensure a successful fit out construction.

1. Brand-specific design

Your commercial space design must match your company’s culture, vision, values, and brand identity guidelines. It must serve as an extension of your advertising and marketing materials. This way, your clients will get the same initial impression as they enter your office, browse your website, read your brochures, and visit your social media pages.

2. Efficient layout

The layout must be planned in a way that the different systems in the room operate efficiently to meet the needs of your staff. Consider the following systems when finalizing the layout:

  • Lighting levels
  • Data cabling
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Number of power outlets and data points required
  • Position of power switches and outlets

The key is to talk to your employees to make sure that you get all pertinent information about the space.

3. Solid IT and telecoms migration plan

When relocating to another workspace, communication necessities like telephones and the internet can get disrupted. And this can result in losing or inconveniencing your clients.

To avoid such, you need to work with an expert fit-out specialist to develop a reliable IT and telecoms migration plan. This guarantees that your clients can access your products and services and contact you even if you are moving into your new location.

4. Legal compliance

Your new design must comply with all crucial requirements, including safe electrical setups, health and hygiene, enough working space, fire alarm and extinguishers, and efficient working space.

Complying with all legal responsibilities will help lower the risk of accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace. It also prevents unnecessary lawsuits.

5. Comprehensive quotation

Before starting with your commercial fit out project, the fit out company should provide you with a comprehensive price estimate. Review the quotation and make sure that it covers technical plans, design briefs, project management, building assessment, material delivery, and construction. A detailed quote can help you set up enough budget for the project and eliminate hidden expenses.

How to choose a fit out company

When choosing the best fit out company, there are several things to consider.

Look for quality and transparency

Reputable fit out companies display their finished projects on their website and social media pages. Make sure to look into their latest projects to get an idea of their work quality, complexities, and style. Read also the feedback and reviews of their past clients, and don’t hesitate to get a list of references that you can speak to over the phone or face-to-face.

Undertaking a fit out construction is a huge investment, so it is crucial to hire someone who is honest, fair, and delivers superb results. Pay attention to how the service provider interacts with you or answers your questions. Work with a fit out company that puts your best interest at heart.

Assess the design and fit out proposals

Give each fit out company the same design brief and state clearly what you want to get from them. Also, give them a deadline for proposal submission.

Once you have the proposal, make sure it contains the following:

  • A design that matches the brief you have given them.
  • A comprehensive specification that includes all the required works.
  • A breakdown of the project cost.
  • A timeline setting out all critical milestones.
  • A list of any exclusions, assumptions, and other options to be considered.
  • Terms and conditions including payment terms, defects liability, and insurances.

Compare quotes

Be cautious about companies providing the cheapest price estimate. One reason why a price estimate is significantly lower than the others is that the company has left an item out or the materials for the project have lower quality. This can result in variation claims soon, and you may end up spending more.

So before making a decision, go through every quote and make a comparison. Cross-check each with your design plan and layout to make sure that everything is accounted for. The more comprehensive a quote is, the better.

Ask questions

All information must be clear and transparent. Ask for clarifications when required. A reputable fit out company will be more than willing to answer all your questions and explain everything about the fit out construction process in a language you understand.

A fit out process may be overwhelming as it entails the input of your employees and construction experts. But when done correctly, it ensures that your staff is productive, the systems are efficient, and your clients enjoy not just the ambiance of your establishment but also the products and services they receive from your company.

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