Hens Party Games With A Topless Waiter!

What would a perfect Hens party be without some wonderful hen’s party games! Do you know what makes these games entertaining? When there is an involvement of a sexy topless waiter!

So we asked some of the handsome hunks from Hens Knights that are experienced in being charming, fun, friendly, and awesome, since they also have experience in Hens Party games too!

Here are the most favorite hen’s party games that will involve everyone, and there will be lots of giggles and entertainment!

How well do you know about your groom?

Before the party, the team needs to have a word with the groom to be and will ask him to complete different sentences. For example, “My bride’s most embarrassing moment is” or “My Bride’s sexiest feature is.” You can create several fun sentences for the groom.

On the hens night, you will get hot hunky Hens Knights Topless Waiter to control the party, and assume them to play the role of “the groom.” Then the Hens topless waiter will read out the beginning of each sentence, and the hen will guess what groom may have said! After she made her guess, the topless waiter will reveal about the actual answer. This will be exciting, and all the girls will be amused. See here for ideas! 

Toilet Paper Twist

As everyone is familiar with this classic game, where you divide the people into teams, then they have to dress up each other in the most hilarious and outrageous toilet paper wedding dresses. This fantastic theme will make your bridal party more entertaining. 

Also, you can ask the topless waiter to join them. Then play the bride’s favorite song and ask the hunky hot topless waiter to dance in the frilly-toilet-paper-wedding-dress. Everyone will be amused watching this, and also it will provide giggly photos and lots of fun afterward. So get ready to clear your camera roll and click pictures of your topless waiter posing in his new wedding dress!

Secrets Revealed 

Before the party, ask the groom and bride about their entire love story, and all those things that are unique to them. You can ask things like “where was our first holiday together” or “where was your first kiss.” Once you have gotten all the answers, get the guests together at the party in front of the Hens Knight (Topless waiter). 

Then the topless waiter has to tell answers to both the questions, and the guests have to guess which answer came from the bride and which from the groom. The group will be amused by hearing hilarious answers, and everyone will equally take part in it. 

Guess who

Have your guests to write down a memorable and exciting moment with the bride to be, and the answers can be embarrassing, hilarious, or touching memory of experience during their entire friendship. Hand the answers to the sexy topless waiter and ask him to read it loud individually, then the hen has to make the correct guess. 

It is an entertaining Hens party game, which will lead to lots of laugh and entertainment! So now you know about the popular hen’s party games. Go and prepare for a party, including the hot topless waiter, which will keep everyone entertained throughout the night! You can see here for more

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