Kawasan Falls – A Complete Guide on Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is among the most popular and visited tourist attraction on the Cebu island. Located in Badian, close to Moalboal in Cebu, Kawasan falls attracts tourists for its clear turquoise waters and beautiful scenery around. It is a fantastic place for canyoneering that includes various thrilling activities like hiking, swimming, cliff diving, climbing, etc.

Got any plans to visit Moalboal or Cebu City? If so, take out a day to visit Kawasan falls and experience canyoneering. We have brought you a complete guide on canyoneering in Kawasan falls. It will be an experience worth remembering.

What is Canyoneering?

Also called ‘canyoning,’ canyoneering means going down a canyon by a combination of activities like hiking, climbing, cliff diving, swimming and more. It is traveling down a river or canyon. Over the years, canyoneering has become a popular activity all across the world. We know it sounds s a little scary, but a bit of adventure can add to your travel memories! Do not worry about the safety; the canyoneering tours are carried out with complete protection of a traveler.

How to reach Kawasan falls?

If you are staying in Moalboal like many of the tourists do, it is a short drive of 40 minutes to Kawasan falls. However, the best way is to rent scooters at 400 Pesos per day and reach the falls while exploring South Cebu. In case you are not very sure about it, locals can come to your help. Make sure you haggle for the ride.

Alternatively, you can also get a public bus that runs from Moalboal to Badian, with Kawasan Falls a stop in the route. The bus will cost you only 20 Pesos and take you to the falls in 45 minutes. Ask your hotel staff to help you get the bus.

If you have booked with canyoneering Kawasan falls tour, you need not worry about the transport as the tour operators will take care of that.

What is Kawasan falls entrance fee?

The entry into Kawasan falls around 40 Pesos for each tourist and for clicking pictures. For canyoneering tours, the entrance fee is about 2000 Pesos.

What can you expect from the canyoneering tour to Kawasan falls?

A wonderfully thrilling experience, indeed!

Imagine, you are jumping off the cliffs, right into the turquoise waters. There are some areas where you might need to jump from a height of 10-12 meters. Scary? Yes, but fun. If you don’t want to dive into the waters, that’s alright. There are other ways to get down to the waterfall. But, at some point, you will want to dive, everyone does.

It will be a tour of around 7-8 hours, depending on your tour operator. However, you will have a good 3-5 hours in the water. Now, that’s the kick!

To clear all your doubts (if any), canyoneering in Kawasan falls nothing to do with climbing gear and abseiling. It will be solely a day of climbing, jumping and swimming in the countless waterfalls exploring the breathtaking natural views around and the clear waters.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? If you want to spend a day in the waters, exploring the scenic beauty, this is what you should do. Make your Philippines trip count. Come down from the top of the falls to the big blue Kawasan falls of Cebu.

What to pack for your Kawasan Falls canyoneering tour?

You need not bring much for the canyoneering tour as you will be jumping, swimming and sliding down the falls. Here a few essential things you can get along with you:

·       Pack a dry bag if you want to have your phone, money and other few essential things.

·       Get your camera to capture the exceptional experience.

·       Girls can pack a pair of shorts (you don’t want to scratch your buttocks while sliding down the falls in bikini bottoms.)

·       Transparent pouches, if you don’t have a dry bag.

·       Pair of shoes that you won’t mind getting wet

Where to stay for your canyoneering tour to Kawasan falls?

Most tourists stay in or around Moalboal town, a popular place in Cebu. We have got you three best accommodation options for you in this Kawasan falls tour guide.

If you want to stay in a luxurious place, try the Blue Orchid Dive Resort. It offers a relaxing stay and is located only 8kms from the main town. You can enjoy some water activities for free and enjoy the outdoor pool and free wifi.

For a mid-budget hotel, book a room in the Pescadores Seaview Suites. The place offers a sun terrace, an outdoor pool, air-conditioned rooms, free wifi, a fan, and a dry rack. From individual rooms, you can have a spectacular view of the sea, garden, and pool.

For budget accommodations, the best option would be Archery-Asia Nipa Huts & Camping. The place features campfire facilities, barbeque, free wifi, and seating area. These are bungalows having a private entrance, mosquito net, and fans. You will be provided towels, bed linen, mattress, and free water bottles. Moreover, you can enjoy playing darts, 3D Archery, badminton, etc. on the property. This area is famous for hiking.

If this canyoneering guide in Kawasan falls convinced you even a little to get the splendid experience, it is time to look for flights! Book cheap flights to the Philippines at iEagle now.


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