Print Products Designs: To Gloss or To Matte Is the Question

One of the toughest decisions to make while designing your promotional print means is to select the paper quality. You will have two choices: Gloss or Matte. Although you can opt for uncoated paper quality, these two are the most preferred ones. A gloss tends to reflect light in a larger quantity, thus creating glares. This quality is not suggested for outdoor posters and banners as the reflection of the sun rays will hurt the eyes. Matte finish is a lot less prone to reflect light. These are perfect for outdoor promotions. Gloss is better suited to indoor marketing, especially in less-lit conditions.

business card printing

However, when availing online printing services, there are some considerations to keep in mind while choosing your type of coating. Here are some tips on how to select the best finish for some of the most popular print products.

1. Business Cards

When opting for business card printing, most companies prefer to use the gloss stock. This is because the gloss finish adds a protective layer to the card and also highlights it. Another reason for using these is that the images if incorporated, look elegant. 

There are many businesses which use the matte finish in their business cards. The matte vintage finish with its writeable quality is chosen in professionals like officials and accountants.

A Business Cards Printing Service enables you to select your own choice of business card design from a variety of business card templates, both matte and gloss. This allows you to give your business cards a personal and more professional feel.

2. Postcards

Choosing a gloss or matte paper finish for your notes is dependent on postcard design and the promotional aim. A glossy finish will be better suited to a restaurant or real estate businesses to reflect quality. This finish can also be used to promote an opening or a sale offer. 

Postcards which carry a more personal touch can be given a matte finish e.g., holiday and travel postcards. Matte can also opt if postcards are used to write upon. 

3. Brochures

Brochures are mostly designed with a gloss finish. The reason for this is to highlight the mentioned products and services. For instance, a travel agency can sue the gloss coating to show high-quality photos of the places, tours, and services they provide. The gloss effect tends to make the readers make a faster call-to-action. 

If your brochure contains texts for the most part and very less number of images, opting for the matte finish is a better option. This enables the reader to go through the text without any inconvenience. Educational institutions and history museums are more prone to using matte finish as it goes well with their bulky nature.

 Posters and Flyers

Posters and flyers can both use matte and gloss finishes according to their design and purpose. 

For a festivity or an occasion, a gloss is better suited. It can be used in party venues, outdoor ads, and retail outlets.

On the other hand, a matte finish is more prone to being used to portray retro feels and show vintage looks. This finish is an apt choice for posters that are set up in brightly-lit surroundings or under the sun. 

4. Catalogs and booklets

Catalogs and booklets are mostly printed in gloss finish as this protects them for any wear and tear. Also, the pictures appear more attractive. Retail stores and retail outlets use this finish for their catalogs and booklets, which depend highly on vibrant images. 

Those brands which need more words than images should opt for a matte finish. This allows the text to be read without any inconvenience. It gives an elegant touch to the overall design as well. 

Online printing services provide you with a variety of both gloss and matte stocks so that you can choose the thickness and coating that is perfect for your product, be it booklet or catalog, and further adds to your brand’s personality. This will add appeal to your print products and help you attract a larger audience, thus increasing your business sales.

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