Resolve Microsoft Office Application Issues

Are you experiencing troubling issues in your office applications? Are you not able to use the word, excel, or PowerPoint?

Many people have reported issues in most of the office applications just after the recent update of the Windows. The up-gradation to the windows 10 caused a bit of trouble for most people, and we have created a solution to fix the issues you are facing with your applications. You are free to contact the Microsoft customer support number for the help related to the problem. But, do take a look at our solution before contacting them.

You can use any of the office applications to resolve these issues, but we will make it through the MS word. As MS Word is the most extensively used application nowadays and the maximum number of problems are reported by Word users. The methods may or may not work for other MS apps, but it is advised to contact the technical experts before performing any troubleshooting method as these methods are prescribed explicitly to Word users.

Error while trying to open the application

You might find this kind of error in your Word or Excel or any other Office applications.

●  Word is not able to open the file you requested

●  The file corrupt or damaged – error in excel

●  The application was unable to start

These errors can be fixed by following a simple guide; let’s look at the solution and observe carefully.

Fix – Update the office separately

You can update each office applications individually, let us use the MS word, and you can repeat the same process on all the other apps.

●  First, open the MS word and then click on the File tab right up on the left corner.

●  Repeat the same process for all the other applications you use from the office suite.

Fix Use Command Prompt

You can also use the command prompt to send a command that can resolve the issue.

“icacls “%programfiles%\Microsoft Office 15” /grant *S-1-15-2-1:(OI)(CI)RX.”

Paste this code into the command prompt and then hit enter. After you need to try to open the applications individually.

This will solve the issue of the programs not able to open the files. But if you still experience this issue on your application, then you should call the experts at Microsoft office support number for extensive help. The good folks at the Microsoft office support phone number will be able to provide the advice you need for the problem you are facing with your office programs.

Office documents downloaded as email attachments not opening

If your office documents such as word, excel, and PPT aren’t opening which you have downloaded from the internet,, then you need to follow these steps.

Fix – Disable protected view

●  Open the word app and then click on the File tab and then go to the option.

●  Then you need to select the trust center and then click on the trust center settings.

●  Now, you’ll a button of Protected View, click on it and then disable the protected from that window.

Fix – Reinstall the Office

If the above-listed solution is not working for you, then you can try and reinstall the office suite, maybe that will remove the obstacles you are facing.

Or you can try the Microsoft phone number and get the desired help from the professionals who are just a call away from you. Furthermore, the support is available all-around the clock to worldwide MS users.

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