The Top 6 Free Gift Card Apps for Android

Some reward apps allow you to increase your income. It’s not something that drastically increases your income but can help you in a little bit of savings. They all provide you with varied services starting from shopping, watching ads, or playing games that you do randomly on any given day.

Today many marketing agencies give the customers rewards points just for engaging with the brand. It may be in the form of Cashbacks and Discounts for their favorite brands. The brand’s tie-up with these Gift Card Apps or The Reward Stores for getting the customer’s attention for a longer duration.

These are called The Free Gift Card App. These apps are for both Android and IOS. You can easily download them on your device. And do simple tasks like playing a video, looking at a picture, sending the app link to your friends, watching ads, and many more activities that you do anyway. It then collectively generates reward points, and then you can buy gift cards for the brand of your choice. You can use such gift cards to pay for your purchase.

You know what everybody loves about gift cards! It’s this when you want to buy something online, and then you suddenly remember about a gift card you earned a while back. It gives you a boundless joy for not paying money for your purchase.

They are getting popular these days because of its user-friendliness. Who doesn’t love to get free stuff by just doing random activity in your free time?

So here we are presenting ‘Top 6 gift card apps for Android’ for you to download and get benefits from them. All these apps are my top favorites. I have tried to present you with all the facts that you need to know. So, Let’s get started…

  1. PrizeHog (PH)

PrizeHog is a free website that lets you get rewards for taking a survey. The users can easily choose the length of the polls. You can also share the app with your social circles. You will get reward points for the things that you already do. The reward points or the currency for the app is called ‘Bucks’.

Every gift card has different exchange rates according to the shops they have tied with. You can quickly redeem your points through your favorite retailers like Amazon, PayPal, Freecharge, Starbucks, or get easy cash back from PayPal.

  1. AapKarma

The AapKarma app allows you to get rewards for completing the offers mentioned. It also lets you earn daily rewards for playing with the apps you’ve installed on AppKarma. You need to keep the apps that you have installed. And then play with it each day to earn extra rewards.

You can also get a bonus for reaching the achievement badges (like, for example, installing five apps). You can share your invite link (or referrer code) and earn 30% of what your referrals earn.

  1. AppNana

The AapNana gives you credits for every app and game you play. You can redeem these credits by downloading any paid app or game for free. It is available for both Android and iOS. Redeem Amazon, Xbox, i-tunes, and Google Play gift cards. Its members have earned $10 million by playing games.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards store pays you for taking surveys regarding google products or services, even an opinion poll, or hotel reviews while you are just waiting for the lockdown to get over. The study has at least 6-10 questions at the end of its rewards for your opinion (as it says). It already has 10 million android downloads. You can redeem the rewards from the play stores.

  1. Oodies

Oldies app is developed by an ad-tech startup OneOneDay, which gives you rewards for watching advertisements online, which is selected by you only. You can earn MetroCard top-ups and enjoy ridesharing journeys. You can also share the reward points to your chosen social work from the list mentioned.

  1. My Points

MyPoints gives you rewards for shopping at your favorite shops from over more than 2000 brands to choose from. You can quickly get up to 40% cashback from every purchase. You can shop from top retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Expedia, Groupon, Home Depot & Amazon, to name a few. The list is never-ending. The points can be redeemed easily through gift discounts or even credit it with your PayPal account. 

All the reward apps mentioned here are free for you to download. They all will give you amazing offers. While we all are waiting for the condition to settle down, you can try all these apps and get benefits. So what are you waiting for, leap, and grab this opportunity?

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