Why Was Cat Crazy In Victorious?

Why Was Cat Crazy In Victorious?

Nickelodeon has been offering us plenty of entertainment by dropping series after series. So many shows have also gained so much popularity worldwide. One of the most entertaining series was Victorious, produced by Dan Schneider. Dan starred Victoria Justice in the lead role of Tori Vega in Victorious.

Tori Vega was shown as an energetic teenager attending Hollywood Arts High School. Victorious’s lively and young cast also included Loen Thomas III, the International pop star Ariana Grande, Matt Bennet, and Avan Jogia.

Ariana Grande got very famous due to her role in Victorious, and one of the trending topics is why was Cat crazy in Victorious? However, many people do not know the answer to this yet. So, if you want to know the answer to this question, then keep reading to find out:

Why Was Cat Crazy In Victorious?

Cat Valentine was the most popular character in the show Victorious. She has a great heart and is probably the show’s most kind-hearted and caring character. But not her gentle exterior personality fools you. She is stubborn when accepting her criticism and often gets angry. Sometimes she even acts as a dim-wit person.

Throughout the show, viewers did not know much about her family. Therefore, viewers were confused as to why Cat seemed crazy in Victorious?

Her being crazy could be because of her siblings’ mental illness, and her parents were not caring and loving people.

Another reason could be that she has bipolar disorder, as she has shown some symptoms such as being more talkative, inflated self-esteem, or racing thoughts.

Other reasons can involve Cat’s animated nature, ranging from suffering abuse from her brother and potential autism.

Who portrayed the role of Cat in Victorious?

Ariana Grande portrayed the role of Cat in Victorious. She became an international pop star after gaining popularity from this show. After the Victorious show ended in 2013, she was featured in Sam and Cat with iClary star Jenette McCurdy. It ended just after one series in 2014.

What was Victorious about?

Victorious revolved around the singer’s lead role-Tori Vega. She goes to arts high school while getting into bizarre situations virtually at all times.

Along her journey, she met her buddies- Andre, a talented musician, and became Tori’s best friends at Art High School along her journey.

Moreover, she met Cat, with whom she got quite close. Also, she met Robbie, who carries a puppet-Rex with him all the time. He has his own voice in the show.

Furthermore, she met Jade, who was shown as a nasty girl. She sometimes gives Tori a hard time and was known to be her frenemy, also her down-to-earth boyfriend, Beck.

Why did the Victorious go off-air?

Victorious was about the struggle and rise of a singer. It showed the journey of the Tori-main leader and her friends and how they navigated their beautiful life in Hollywood. It has inspired many youngsters to follow their passions and dreams. Unfortunately, they canceled the show after it had completed its third season. The Victorious does not begin the filming of its fourth season.

Nickelodeon, however, decided to split its third season so that the show could have four seasons. As a result, many viewers believe the cancellation is because of the spin-off show. However, the show’s producer, Dan, claims that the show has already run its course and has to end now.

 Final thoughts

Victorious inspired teenagers to dream big and follow them. Even though it was quite similar to Hannah Montana, Victorious has so much more to offer- lively, dark comedy and humor.

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