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4 Android Home Screens that can Change the Look of Your Phone Completely

Do you want your home screen look special? Then take a look at these 4 Android Home Screens that changes the look of your phone completely. If you are bored of looking at a web of icons/images on your phone, then get rid of them. Presently, you can find a lot of android Home Screen systems that go further more than 5-by-5 grid, and it will change the look of your phone. If you are also interested in playing games on your android phone, then you might as well check the mod apk for your favorite game.

These Android Home Screens are not like the popular Noval Launchers, they are different from this launcher as these home screen launchers contain a lot of apps that can improve the typical layout of Android, and it offers an entirely different pattern. Some of these launchers look beautiful, some provider a lot of upfront information and others are minimal and straightforward. So, you won’t get distracted continuously by your phone. Take a look at these Android Launchers

Launcher 10: Windows Phone-Style tiles on Android:

Launcher 10 allows you to change your Windows Phone with Android. If you are one among those who use Windows Phone, then you know how the OS system became a bit of tag line. The Windows Phone had a lot of exciting matter going for it, and now it is no more accessible officially. However, with Launcher 10, you can experience the Windows Phone home screen, and the best thing is it does not include internet explorer.

The app changes the small images/icons with squared-off, great titles that allows you to arrange wherever you want, and it also allows you to modify the color, size, live, and transparency information that visible on each. It is the best substitute for the traditional display of Android, as it will foretest your new text message or email directly on the home screen. Also, it allows you to change the most-used app icons larger so that you can tap it easily. This Launcher 10 s free to download, but you need to pay 7 dollars for Live Tiles performance.

If you want the Windows-style home screen, but if the Launcher 10is not performing the way you wish to try Launcher 8 then. Launcher 8 has been in the market for a longer time, and it is also most customizable, however, recently, it had been affected by some irritating bugs that have troubled a lot of users.

AIO Launcher:  More information-dense, fewer graphics:

Heavy text approach of AIO Launcher may control your phone addiction. However, if you do not like the dense icon look of conventional home screens, then AIO Launcher acquire different access, which shows a compact of information on the single scrollable page.

You can see on the block with your app that you used the most recently, one with the texts and calls that you made recently, one with RAM and CPU usage, and others with your calendar, email, and also through stock prices. It is helpful, but dense text means it can be a little tough to see all at a quick look.

Also, it will not be enticing at all, permitting you to reduce your screen time quickly. You can download AIO for free and use it freely. But the complete version offers icon customization, themes, various widgets, and a lot of other unique features for 3 dollars. If you want something less, then choose ap15 as a substitute that avoids icons for various apps on the home screen of your phone.

Niagara Launcher:  Minimal, Simple, and One-Handed:

Niagara Launcher offers the simple look, and you can easily show off your wallpaper. For instance, if your home screen is replaced entirely with an alphabetical app case, you can steer with one hand that is what you get from this launcher.

You can choose a few favorite apps that appear at the top, but to get access to any others, then you need to tap the right side of the screen and scroll down through the list of apps. The Niagra Launcher is visibly minimal aside from a beautiful waterfall effect and a few color modifications in the setting. Niagra is something that does its job elegantly and exactly gives you what you see.

The significant advantage to the method is that you can utilize the entire home screen with one hand, and you don’t need to stretch across the giant screen to approach different features or apps. Also, it helps you reduce your phone addiction, as the non-productive apps are away from a reach.

However, if you are not just happy with Naiagra Launcher or if you have so many features or apps that make the search option more useful compared to scrolling, then you can select KISS Launcher. This launcher has a least feel but concentrates more on searching through your contacts, apps, and the web through one unified bar.

Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP): Build Your Home Screen from the beginning

KLWP is also known as Kustom Live Wallpaper allows you to generate a home screen from scratch.  However, KLWP is not a launcher, but it is live wallpaper, which you can place under any other Launcher like Nova. But, instead of playing as a simple animated background, Kustom Live Wallpaper allows you to generate a home screen from scratch with widgets such as cool animations, blocks of data, and a programming language that will enable you to make anything that you want.

KLWP is the best option to choose if your launchers are not matching your requirements. It will allow you to make something exclusively yours. Also, KLWP is a battery-friendly, and it is intense and makes the Launcher simple, and it is the best alternative.

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