Procedures for Marriage Certificate Attestation

This post is regarding marriage certificate attestation. It gives information about the procedure of attestation of the marriage certificate.
If you have plans to take your spouse to another country after marriage, you need to get your marriage certificate attested first. People who work abroad needs to do this mandatory process so that they can bring their spouse with them. Only a marriage certificate will not work. And the
procedure to get it attested is not known to many.

Especially, if you plan to shift to UAE, you must know that attestation of the marriage certificate is a must their along with the family visa. This attestation is also required to get your family visa while you apply for it. It makes sure that your marriage certificate is genuine.

Why Is It Necessary?

Marriage certificate attestation is a pivotal step to be taken if you have plans to settle in UAE. An attested form of the marriage certificate will authenticate your relationship with spouse and that you are a family. It gives a clear picture of the relationship status of you with your spouse
and acts as proof. This requires one to interact with the government of both sides and cannot be done alone. One has to hire a consultant who takes care of such legal works. 

In the UAE, it is illegal to stay together if you are not legally married. Therefore a marriage certificate attested is necessary to provide valid proof that you have a family and that you are married. Before any change of names on visas or passports, one has to show the valid marriage certificate that is attested by the authorized person as proof of your marriage.

Procedure To Get It Done

One can get it done with the help of an attestation service provider. They will complete the whole procedure on your behalf in the proper way without any mistake. Things that are required to get the attestation done are original marriage certificate and passport copies of the candidates.
More than this, one has to get the verification from the authorities from one’s country of origin.

Only after the relevant authorities of your origin country approve and validate the marriage certificate, the authorities in the UAE will take care of the same.

The marriage certificate attestation procedure includes specific steps, and these are:

 Attestation from a notary in the country of origin
 Attestation is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin
 Next, your proof will be attested by the Embassy in UAE.
 At last, the MoFA will give the final attestation for your marriage certificate.

How Are Things Done?

Getting your marriage certificate attested is a crucial matter and involves specific essential steps that one has to follow. One has to depend on the government authorities and organizations to get the attestation done smoothly. But it is not possible to take care of the entire procedure alone. So, it is highly recommended that one finds a suitable service provider in marriage certificate attestation.

HRD or the Human Resource Department is the first and most important place to do the attestation. Here you will have to submit the certificate of your marriage in the HRD of the concerned state where you belong in for the verification. After the verification of the documents, they will attest your certificate.

Next comes the Ministry of External Affairs that will provide you with two types of document attestation. Two kinds of attestation are done, and they are the MEA attestation and the Apostille attestation of your marriage certificate. This Apostille one is required if one is traveling to a country that is a member of the Hague Convention.

The MEA attestation, on the other hand, is the normal attestation process where your certificate will be verified and will straightaway be attested by the Ministry. The Embassy attestation process is another very important step to be done. Your documents will be forwarded to the Embassy of the country where you want to go. That country’s Embassy will attest your marriage certificate next after thorough verification.

Bottom Line:
When your profession and work calls for a change of place, you have to leave your country of origin. But that does not mean you have to stay alone. You can always take your spouse with you in another country and stay. But this has to be done in the right way with all the necessary formalities. And attestation of your marriage certificate is one such prime formality that cannot be avoided. It is of utmost importance, especially if you settle somewhere in UAE.

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