5 Best Places to Travel on a Budget

Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive. If you are eager to travel across the globe and your budget is stopping, choose these low-budget travel destinations.

1.    Cambodia

Most of the Asian countries can be visited within a budget. They are comparatively cheaper than any of the European countries. But our all-time favorite destination is Cambodia. This world is a beautiful combination of ancient and modern architecture, scenes, and lifestyle. You will find an empire full of beautiful temples, upcountry adventure, and urban scene here. Angkor is one of the must-visit places in Cambodia with its unparalleled grandeur. You will get plenty of adventurous activities out there.

Tour Costs: The locals are incredibly hospitable, and you can access a fully air-conditioned room for just $20USD. Even the transportation cost is as low as $20 and street food for $2.

2.    Poland

If Europe is on your tour list, we will say pick eastern Europe over Western Europe. It has to offer almost the same or even more than that of Western Europe; still, it’s a cheaper deal. Tragically Poland got itself into the ugly fight of WW11. You can witness its survival story among its monuments and museums. Away from the big cities of Europe, it remains unspoiled and full of wood, rivers, and lake. You also got to try the regional specialties of Poland. Its pancakes, cream cakes, and pork recipes are mouth-watering.

Tour Cost: An average meal there will cost less than 30PLN. Some of the cities also offer tourists cards for unlimited public transportation. If you want to save on accommodation, there are lots of Couchsurfing options too in Poland.

3.    Argentina

From rugged landscapes to natural scenery, Argentina gives you everything you need as a traveler. You can explore neon blue glaciers, snow-capped mountains, as well as the eclectic vibe. Check out the bars and restaurants of Buenos Aires. If you want to take your trip a little further, Ushuaia is its cheapest launch point for Antarctica.

Tour Cost: You will get a simple meal within $4-$6 USD and beer for $1.50. Accommodations can be availed at $17 per night, which is rather cheap in comparison to the rest of the Southern American countries.

4.    Australia

Although Australia is always among the most expensive travel destinations, it can be cheaper with a few tricks.  It’s a land of dreams portraying the beautiful rainforests, coral reefs, and scorched red dessert. There is Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach, Kangaroo Island, and so much to explore.

Tour Cost: There are work-exchange programs, Couchsurfing hosts, and budget backpacker trails that can reduce the total trip cost by 20%. Try to advance book the flight, book hostels for stay, and use public transport for travel.

5.    Estonia

If you love the north, but clinging to a budget, then Estonia is your real answer. Moreover, being a northern country, there are events and music shows all around the year. Hop into the bars, try the local cuisines, and live with the locals.

Tour Cost: Budget accommodation will take something between 6 to 15 EUR/day. The same price goes for the food. As for transportation, it’s as cheap as 1 Eur/day.

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