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Everything about Fatal to the Flesh Website [March 22]

This article describes an internet site that provides users with a real-life simulation activity to calm the human mind. Read on Fatal to the Flesh Website.

It is natural to have the urge to harm something or someone, probably ourselves, when we are frustrated, angered, or feel any emotion to the extreme. Unfortunately, this urge has led to many suicides and injuries to individuals’ bodies. Therefore, in 2004, Rafael Rozendaal, a developer, made a website, namely, Fatal to the Flesh. It is a trusted website where users create a simulation effect on their minds. Read further to know more about the website and why it was developed. 

Why Fatal to the Flesh website? 

Rafael Rozendaal developed this website to help people calm their minds when they are frustrated, agitated, angry, or feel any emotion to the extreme. But unfortunately, people often start having destructive thoughts leading to suicides self-harm activities. Therefore, he made this website to fight destructive thoughts and simulate the human brain without harming any individual. 

It has helped reduce suicidal thoughts among people because it offers modeling activities to website users. In addition, it is a comparatively safe way to fight self-harming thoughts and relieve yourself of stress. 

How does the Website Work? 

You will land on a blank white page with no user instructions when you open the official website. You can open it on desktop, laptop, smartphone, or pads and MacBooks. It would be best if you had a strong internet connection. The website has red color in the background. It depicts the human body, and the red color depicts blood. 

The users then move the mouse on the screen, and it cuts the page while red color pops out, depicting blood from the injuries. The faster you move the mouse or your finger on the screen, the deeper it will cut the page, and the higher the intensity of blood flow. Similarly, moving the cursor slowly will only act as a minimal scratch on the skin. The website has proven to stimulate the human mind into fighting self-harming thoughts effectively. 

Technology has been making people’s lives easier for many years now. But imagine using technology as a way to fight back the demonish thoughts while you are triggered with emotions like anger, frustration, and more. Rafael made this possible in 2004 by coming out with this unique idea of developing a mind-stimulating website that lets users conduct modeling activities to calm their minds and focus on the better in life. 

Features of Fatal To the Flesh Website 

  • Provides a platform for letting out the harmful emotions
  • It gives the human mind a break from making fatal decisions.
  • Reduces suicides and self-harming activities among human beings 
  • Users create cuts, wounds, and injuries on white paper to calm the brain of any harmful thoughts. 
  • Red marks on the screen depict the bloodstream in the human body. Thus, the red color popping out of the white page looks like actual blood dripping from the human body.
  • The domain is more than 17 years old.
  • It has a trust rating of 67% because of the lack of technical data information on the website. 

Final Words 

People in the UK and the USA are more pleased with games and activities that help them reduce their mental stress. Therefore, Fatal to the Flesh is a popular website among users because it assists in fighting destructive opinions and calming their brain cells in tough situations. Many people have self-harming ideas when agitated, frustrated, and angry. 

Thus, to avoid people from taking extreme steps like suicide and self-injury, Rafael Rozendaal developed this website in February 2004. It is a single white page with no other information on the screen. The users have to move the mouse or their finger in touch screens and create cut marks to pop out blood. It is a trusted site; however, the lack of technical information lowers its trust ratings. 

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