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How to Stop Your Marketing Emails Going to Spam

Did you know that more than 3 million marketing emails are sent out every second!? Maybe you are sending out thousands of emails yourself every week.

But there’s no point in sending out emails to a huge email list with thousands of subscribers if most of the emails you send out end up going to spam. And the crazy thing is that it’s quite easy to prevent your marketing emails going to spam. 

If you are confused about email marketing or video marketing and wish to learn more about spam prevention, keep reading the article below. 

1. Ask Your Subscribers to Whitelist You

The most important thing you can do to avoid your emails being sent to spam is to request your subscribers to whitelist you. It takes less than a minute for them to do so, and it will ensure your well-thought-out emails don’t end up in spam uselessly.

If they don’t wish to do that for you, then perhaps they aren’t interested in your emails in the first place. Your loyal subscribers will be happy to safelist your emails so they don’t miss out on any new updates from you.

2. Never Send Emails Out to Folks Who Don’t Give You Permission

This is a given, but too many businesses ignore this very important rule. Do not send emails to people who haven’t voluntarily given you permission to do so.

It’s easy to find email addresses in a wide variety of places and then start emailing those folks, without a second thought. But that can soon land you in email prison, where you get labeled as a spammer, and all your emails get blacklisted. 

3. Avoid Spammy Subject Lines

Are you confused about how to craft a powerful email that subscribers will open and read with fascination? In this blog post, you can find email marketing examples that you can learn from to create brilliant emails for your business. Email crafting is an art form that is learnable, so get to it.

4. Use a Reputable Email Marketing Program

What kind of email program are you using for your email marketing? If you think that sending out emails using Gmail or Yahoo is going to be good enough, then you are sorely mistaken. You need to hire some reputable email marketing services or use a reputable email marketing program, to ensure your emails get sent to the right inbox. 

Marketing Emails Going to Spam? – Stop That Wastage Now

Do not ignore the peril of a majority of marketing emails going to spam. It’s a huge waste of time, money, and effort on your marketing team’s part. Rather, use the tips mentioned above, and get your email marketing strategy upon par again.

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