Hairstyles you should try before you die

You know what they say; life is too short to have boring hair. If you haven’t played around with bold hairstyles and experimented with your hair, you haven’t lived at all. A new haircut or a bold color transformation is a powerful form of expression to reinvent yourself. It’s a rejuvenating and refreshing change that will not only transform your physical appeal and aesthetics.

It will also transform your outlook, self-esteem, confidence, and overall mindset towards your goals and life quality. When your hair is dull, your life becomes boring because you can’t play around with how you look. Flaunting the same hairstyle over and over creates a dull monotony that overshadows our youthfulness and vitality.

Keep reading to explore hairstyles and statements that you must try before you die to flaunt your tresses with unapologetic glamour.

Get an Angular Bob

An iconic and timeless hair statement, the angular bob is bold, exuding a powerful feminine appeal. This classic haircut is a terrific idea if you desire a drastic transformation to reinvent your look. If you’ve always flaunted long hair with even layers, an angular bob will make you feel new and reborn. It’s a fabulous statement to experiment with, especially if you want a manageable change.

Curly and wavy goddesses often shy away from bobs as they don’t want to use heating tools and hair-damaging products. In 2021, curly and wavy bobs are all the rage because waves add texture and volume to the statement.

Be Bold with Bangs

The ultimate hair transformation that we’ve all enjoyed at least once in our lives. If you haven’t experimented with bangs, you’ve never experienced the glamour and effortless chicness of this vintage statement. According to All Things Hair – 77% of the women wear their hair natural; at the same time, bangs are terrific at beautifying and energizing natural tresses. If you don’t want any drastic changes, bangs will add new life to your natural hair and texture.

All you need is a thick layer of straight bangs in the front, and it will add sassy energy to your natural tresses. You can also explore curtain bangs, which offer a more graceful grow-out process and less risky commitment. A blunt shag with heavy front bangs is another remarkable statement for those who desire a grungy statement.

Invest in Hair Extensions

Many women steer clear of extensions because they don’t want to look unnatural or try too hard. Not all of us can carve out hour-long grooming regimes before work or even for special occasions. Here’s where people misunderstand the purpose of hair extensions.

You see, hair extensions add convenience and make your hair styling dreams come true by adding more volume. Have you always dreamt of flaunting a thick French braid, but your tresses are too thin to create an elaborate presentation? Investing in human hair extensions can help you rock thick braids and explore new styles every day.

You can add more volume to your ponytails and create hairstyles that define your hair. With hair extensions and wigs, you can experiment with highlights and color transformations without damaging your hair. Celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty influencers use human hair extensions and wigs to safely experiment with colors and haircuts.

Experiment with Bright & Bold Colors

We all have drastic and bold hair color transformation dreams buried deep into the unknown crevices of our hearts. What if it’s too bold and I can’t pull it off? What if the results are terrible and I have to bleach my hair all over again? What if the color ends up damaging my natural hair color?

‘What’ and ‘if’ are two powerful words when used together, and they have killed many a hair color dreams. If you truly want to experience a hair color transformation, you owe yourself to experiment and enjoy it. Bright and bold colors, like red, rose gold, blue, or even green, are amazingly bold and delightfully playful.

Undergoing a bright and colorful hair transformation will elevate your confidence, making you more comfortable in your skin. Such a color transformation will also make you stand out and command attention as you walk into a room. If you’re struggling to channel confidence, a drastically bold hair color transformation is just what you need!

Love your Natural Hair

Many of us struggle to embrace our natural hair and spend all our lives trying to change and transform the natural texture. Some don’t like their naturally curly hair and spend thousands of dollars on straightening tools and products. Many straight-haired goddesses break their banks with perms, curls, and curling irons.

It’s human nature to pursue what we lack and ignore what we have. Before you die, you must get comfortable with your own natural hair. Just imagine, someone in the world is willing to spend all their money to have hair like yours. Your natural hair is an element that defines your uniqueness, and you must celebrate and love this uniqueness.

Don’t wait too long before you fall in love with your natural hair!


A hair transformation is an ultimate solution for winter blues, emotional turmoil, and the nagging desire to change. Life is all about the choices we make, and these hairstyles are choices that will gift you a new outlook. A new hairstyle or hair color is like a new beginning. It allows you to reinvent your style aesthetics and be someone new and different.

Monotony leads to boredom and disillusionment. If your own look makes you feel bored and disillusioned, it’s time for a change!

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