Home Trends For Spring 2021

It is always essential to stay up on top of the interior design trends, so here are home trends for spring 2021. Keeping your house up to date with the latest trends might seem like a waste of time some days, but it is easy enough to do so if you take the time to research it.

If you are ready to keep your home stylish and trendy, then grab the paint and graph paper and get started on redesigning your house!

Neon Lights Are Back In Style

Neon lights have been coming back and can now be found in homes all across the globe. They may seem out of place at times in your home, but they provide many different opportunities when it comes to the styling of neon light you get.

Softer neon lights are much more in style and less bold colors, such as muted pinks. These give your home a bright, cheery style, but without being blatantly obvious. It is an excellent way to spruce up your home and bring back the joy that the recent pandemic has taken away. 

Vinyl Plank Flooring Is The New Norm

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the top floorings for 2021, and the reasons are easy to see. You can get vinyl plank flooring that looks almost identical to wood flooring without dealing with wooden flooring problems. 

It is easier to clean and keep clean, and it is safer for younger and older people alike. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the lowest maintenance flooring types that exist, so for all those who don’t like working, this is the type of flooring for you. 

Tile Flooring Looks Almost As Good As Vinyl

Tile flooring is another one of the top floorings of 2021, primarily due to the ease of keeping it clean during pandemic times. Not only is tile flooring easy to keep clean and sanitized, but tile flooring is extremely durable as well. It lasts longer than most floorings and is waterproof on top of it.

The main styles for tile flooring in 2021 are marble-looking tiles and encaustic-looking tiles. These tiles add a lot of decorative flair to a home, mostly when used in either the bathroom or for a porch/patio. 

Dividing Up The Room 

As our homes evolve to contain more and more types of rooms, the need for privacy continues to increase. Putting up room dividers in your home is becoming more popular over the open floor design that existed over the past decade.

This is also in part driven by the recent pandemic as people need to be able to stay separated from each other, even in their own homes, to help keep everyone safe. Wooden-style room dividers are quite popular when it comes to room dividers for 2021.


Keeping up with home trends is a tiring task some days, but there is never a wrong time to renovate your home and get in with the recent trends. You now know some of the top home trends for spring 2021. 

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