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Why People Hate the Ice Age Baby

The Ice Age Baby memes went viral at the beginning of 2020. People saw the memes on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. These memes reinforce hate for the ice age baby, blaming his fate over incidents predicting violence against the baby. In every meme, the baby shows some hate by using a phrase. 

Is the “Ice Age Baby” a Meme?

Ice Age Baby is the nickname used for the character Roshan in the 2002 film ‘Ice Age’. The meme posts went viral in January 2020 after 18 years of the release of the movie and gained immense popularity for meme posts through which people expressed their hate and wished to harm or kill him. 

What made Ice Age Baby a meme?

Ice Age Baby is known as a character Roshan from the animated ice age 2002 movie. It has been circulating on Twitter for a few weeks. It received over 159,000 likes and 71,000 retweets at the beginning of 2020. Kein69Mistkerl is the person behind the picture of the ice age baby on Twitter. However, people have a violent reaction to his posts on social media.  

The viral meme that portrayed the baby Roshan being hated began circulating the internet posts on Facebook and Twitter. It appeared on a Facebook Page with a group that played the key role in creating the ice age baby meme. 

Ever since the baby appeared in several memes, he has been perceived as evil, and people watching the memes are developing hate against him. Cadwell, the editor-in-chief of “Know Your Meme,” says the Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie has contributed to taking the ice age baby memes to the next level. However, PewDiePie recently took a 30-day hiatus in his second video, “Why I hate Ice age baby.” A meme might have mid-level popularity in its niche on the internet, but once someone posts it with the following of PewDiePie, the popularity spikes exponentially. 

What Happened To The Kid In Ice Age?

He received a frozen alien sign. He was separated from his tribe in the film and was found abandoned. Later he was found by an animal team, and that team worked to reunite him with his family after repeated efforts. 

Do they see the baby in the Ice Age again?

In the movie, Manny bonds with Roshan, the ice age baby, after being accustomed to human needs. When the baby reunited with his tribe at the end of the movie, the film ended with a high note. 

Ever since the baby appeared in various memes, it gained popularity as an evil and should be destroyed. It’s a kind of mind-blowing seeing many people seething with rage against a movie character from so long ago. The makers of Ice Age didn’t clearly put any type of elbow grease into the character. The Ice age baby is not cute; he seems abnormal and disproportional, making him oddly creepy and dissatisfying. 

What Happened to the mother of the baby?

Roshan joins the family when Sid arrives with Manny. However, what happened to the mother is still unclear as there is no way to know whether she got drowned in the river or not as she was unable to locate any information afterward.


The Ice Age baby went viral in January 2020, but it seems bad how people developed a hate for a cartoon character due to the influence of memes. Today, in the internet era, thoughts and emotions are easily affected by social media influencers, not by their own values. You never know what may go viral in the next few hours and take the internet by storm. 

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