Kaho Cho

Kaho Cho: Career, Family, Net Worth and More

Kaho Cho was the fourth wife of exemplary comedian and Actor Redd Foxx. The media is not aware of much of her life as she kept it to herself and never really disclosed what she does and how she lived her life.

Kaho Cho is also known to be a comedian and actor; however, there have been many speculations about her. She was famous for being the ‘Sanford and the son’s actor’s better half. In this post, we will mention all the information about her early life and how she met Redd Foxx. Scroll further to know more about Kaho Cho!

Kaho Cho Biography 

  • Name- Kaho Cho
  • Place of Birth- South Korea
  • Birth Year- 1959
  • Zodiac Sign- Not Known
  • Ethnicity- White
  • Profession- Comedian and Actor
  • Net Worth– $3.5 Million
  • Married To- Redd Foxx
  • Nationality- South Korean
  • Family- Not Known

Kaho Cho Early Life 

Kaho Cho was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1959. She is an Asian with white ethnicity and is now aged 62. She holds the citizenship of two countries; The United States of America and the Korean Republic. You can find various photos of Kaho on the internet. She has pretty brown hair to keep up with her Asian descent and hones a slim body structure.

When we come to her education, nobody has any information. She has been keeping things quite private. Therefore, the media remains clueless about her family, friends, and educational status. She became popular when she married Redd Foxx. He was utterly in love with her and praised her in interviews.

Kaho Cho Married Life 

Kaho Cho’s married life is well known to everyone. Kaho Cho married the popular comedian and actor Redd Foxx, the real name; John Elroy Sanford. Redd Foxx and Kaho Cho got married after dating for several years in 1991. She is the 4th wife of Redd Foxx. He had divorced his previous wives two years post his third divorce; he was partying in a hotel in 1981. While partying in a Las Vegas hotel, Redd Foxx met Kaho Cho and started hanging out together.

Soon after, they began to date and date for more than eight years. Their relationship had its fair share of ups and downs, but finally, in 1991, they tied a knot and got married. The marriage was held in Las Vegas at the Little Church of West in friends and family.

Gradually, they became popular as a couple; meanwhile, Kaho also grew her fan following. The couple was madly in love, and it showed from the appreciation for each other on public platforms. Once, during an interview, Redd Foxx showed his gratitude towards her fourth wife, Kaho, for being there with him when he was not at the best of his mental, emotional, financial, and physical health.

During that time, Foxx owed $3 million to taxes because he could not pay them on time. That s when Kaho stayed by his side and helped him get through the toughest time of his life. Later in the same year, when Foxx was shooting for The Royal Family, he suffered a heart attack and collapsed. Initially, people thought he was mimicking, but they later realized that he had collapsed. He was taken to the infirmary and later declared dead.

Redd Foxx had done multiple TV shows and recordings, including Sanford of Son, Cotton Come to Harem, and more. When we talk about Kaho Cho’s married life, it lasted only three months. However, she shared a strong relationship with Redd Foxx for the past 8+ years before marriage when they were dating.  

Interesting Fact 

Redd Foxx did not have any biological children, but he did adopt one of his ex-wife’s daughters named Debraca Denise. Kaho Cho had filed a case against her when she learned that Debraca was filing a misusing Foxx’s money.

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