Maintaining a healthy life doesn’t just require keeping a healthy body but also a healthy home. But when it comes to maintaining a healthy home with #goodvibesonly people generally focus on their living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, and they often forget about their bathrooms.

Your bathroom/washroom is a place that helps you remove your tiredness and offers relaxation to your body. But, it can only happen if the oasis of your comfort room is clean, tidy, and alluring.

Apart from maintaining cleanliness, here are a few tips, which will help you to modify and organize your bathroom in the best way possible.

The perfect mirror: Mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, and variations. So picking the best one can be a quite tricky task for some people. Mirrors add to the beauty of the walls in the washroom, so it is essential to choose an appropriate one.

Lights: Be it your bedroom, living room, or your bathroom the lights are an important part of the arena everywhere. The lighting affects the vibes so much, where the dim lights give you a warm and cozy vibe, and the LED lights or the white lights give you cold and clean vibes. So one may choose accordingly.

Hardware Upgrade: To make your washrooms look more innovative and unique, replacing the old hardware with the new one is a must. It involves changing your bathroom’s hardware as drawer pulls, towel bars, and the sink. To avoid the chaos, you can also easily replace the old sink with Ada Compliant Bathroom Sinks | Rectangular Undermount Sink which will make your bathroom look fresh and new.

Step on to the bathmats: The first thing that irritates you when you get out of the shower is when you place your naked feet on the cold bathroom floor. Therefore a bathmat is a must. Moreover, it adds up to the décor of your washroom as nothing warms up your bathroom quite like a cozy bathmat.

Paint the walls with your color: Everyone knows that the bathrooms are a place that offers you relaxation and comfort. Therefore, it is essential for you to create a soothing oasis around the place. And here the wall paints play a significant role. Cold colors are preferably used in the bathrooms as they offer you a relaxing and cooling vibe. So you can paint your walls the way you want to. And, if you don’t want to paint, you can always go with the temporary and most convenient method i.e., you can paste wallpapers in your bathroom. 

A little touch of green: People often keep plants in their kitchen, bedroom, and living room, but why limit them to these places only. The lush green leaves of the plants can keep your bathrooms alive too.  Experts also suggest that Shower plants-which are what they sound like—are also a great way to make the most underrated zen space in your home feel like a lush secret garden.

Beauty Bar carts: You buy closets for your clothes and beauty carts for your beauty products. However, when it comes to your bathroom, you stack them one upon another on the shelf. Why do so when you can organize them in a better way with some wooden carts.

Not only they offer you more space to organize and arrange your daily usage products, but they also add to the decor of your washrooms.

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